Posterior AI

Building the generative future.


About us


Posterior builds generative tools for the everyday user.

At PosteriorAI, we are building a suite of generative tools that unlock creativity and productivity for everyone.

We are an AI first company that builds Large Multi Modal Generative models into the core features of the products and services we develop.

Posterior AI maximizes productivity and fun, automating everything else.


What we build

A Generative Suite of products and services

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Like a speech on youtube? Want to transcribe your surroundings? Need notes for a podcast? Voxet is the cheapest text transcription service that works across multiple languages and speakers.

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Imagining yourself in a fantasy land? Wondering how your next outfit feels like? Want a perfect portrait photo? Aivatar generatively captures your likeness across any situation and scenario you can imagine. Now throw that camera away.

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Don’t spend hours finetuning LLMs and diffusion Models. Use TrainLora to train custom LoRA models for your Vision and Langage Models in minutes. TrainLora is a complete kit for Customizing you Image Diffusion Models and finetuning your Large Language Models.

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